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A Home for Every Jew in


Find the ideal home at the right price.


Meet The Team


Elyashiv Kimchi

The Sabra


Real-estate Entrepreneur

Specializes in Land Appraisal and Property Discovery

Proud father of 3


Josh Bar-on

The Oleh


Business Professional

Specializes in Customer Relations

Proud father of 3


Yehudit Margalit

Mortgage Specialist

Matching your budget with the best mortgage plans available


Dov Kram

Building Contractor

A builder in America, now a builder in Israel. Tailored home renovations with a personal touch


Azriel Jacobowitz

Real-Estate Attorney & Notary

Protecting your investment and representing you to the banks, seller, and everyone in between

a one-stop shop

Whether you are making Aliyah, already living in Israel (Oleh Chadash), or interested in owning a second home in Israel we want to remove all roadblocks in the way of that dream. Our mission is to make buying a home in Israel:

Easy. Transparent. affordable.


Finding your home

We search for the perfect home or the perfect investment for you. How do we know? Describe to us what you want and based on budget, location, or intended profit and we will translate it into a home for you. 

mortgage guidance

Very few people can afford a home without taking a loan. Banks in Israel allow for non-citizens to take loans. Our in-house mortgage guidance will walk you through the process and find the best deal.

Legal hand holding

We believe that owning a home in Israel should be an easy process. That's why we provide in-house legal guidance, power of attorney, as well as notarization and other legal services to enable a seamless purchase.

PRoperty management

While some may be ready and eager to make Aliyah, others are not. Buying a home in Israel is an investment. We enable you to make money from your property by finding you great tenants until you are ready to move in or sell.